Thoughts On Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day…It can be one of the best and happiest days and/or one of the hardest days of the year! For most it’s a celebration of their living mothers or grandmothers who they get to honor for her love and sacrifices throughout the years. And for many others they get to celebrate being a mother or grandmother themselves and relish in the love bestowed upon her on that special day. It’s getting breakfast in bed and being treated to lunch in a restaurant where she doesn’t have to cook or clean the dishes. It’s hearing that she is loved and appreciated. It’s sitting in the church pew with her children proudly at her side. It’s gathering just to be with one another. It’s homemade cards, gifts, and beautiful flowers. It’s a day worthy of celebration!

For others, it’s a day of mixed emotions…remembering cherished moments with their precious mother or grandmother, but yet mourning her absence; physical absence through death, or mental absence through disease and lack of memory. Many of my friends find themselves in this category this year, and I pray for their comfort and for them to have blessed, sweet memories of yesterday. Yesterday, when things were well, when this day was filled with laughter and love. Yesterday, when their mother greeted them upon arrival at her door.  Or maybe yesterday,  when she was able to recollect and call out their name.  Memories of yesterday – memories are all that remains. They can be memories through thought and memories through physical items that stir up emotions and connection, and memories through photographs. 

For many that we see, it’s a day of eagerly anticipating the arrival of their firstborn and looking forward to the sweet blessings of motherhood. Or, maybe it’s their second or third and they still can’t wait to hold that precious new life in their arms. 

And for so many, it’s a day of lost hope; it’s a day of loneliness; it’s a day of envy; it’s a day of heartache; it’s a day of regrets; it’s a day of hurt and even despair. I think of the precious woman who aches and longs to carry and birth a child only to find out it’s not a possibility. I think of the woman who felt the joy of knowing pregnancy only to have it snatched away by miscarriage or stillbirth. I think of the brokenhearted woman who was awaiting adoption only to have her dreams crushed.  I think of the grieving mothers who have faced the unimaginable by losing a child to death. I think of the sorrowful woman who is separated from her child due to conflict or divorce. I think of the regretful woman whose sins, diseases, or choices put her where she is today; drugs, addictions, abuse. I think of the woman beating herself up daily who has never accepted forgiveness for her choice of leaving a child, giving up a child, or aborting a child.  I think of the hurting woman who is estranged from her child who never comes to visit or even call.  I think of the woman, like myself, that falls into more than one of these descriptions. It can be hard!

Wherever you find yourself in the lines above, Jeff and I pray this Mother’s Day and every day will be one where you feel loved, you feel wanted and needed, and you feel beautiful…because you are dear friend! We want to encourage you to do one thing during the month of May – a month where here at our Studio we not only celebrate mothers, but we celebrate women in general – have a photo made of yourself, whether it be a simple snapshot or whether you call us and schedule a session. Exist in photos! And we don’t mean just a selfie or a phone photo – print it out, so there is tangible evidence of you! Please exist in photos for yourself and for those who love you! It doesn’t matter your size, your shape, or your condition. It doesn’t matter if you feel you need to lose a few pounds, or if you can’t stand your hair, or if your teeth aren’t as pretty and white or straight as you would like them, or if you feel like you don’t have the right outfit. It truly doesn’t matter to those who love you!! 

One day, all that will be left are memories – memories in our minds and memories in a tangible object such as a photo. Give a love gift to your family by existing in a photo for them. We promise they won’t regret having it!!

And, if you find yourself as one of the women I listed above and have no one to talk to – call me, message me, or stop in and visit with me. I’ve been told I have a pretty good listening ear! Don’t suffer in silence or alone!


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