With Love

Valentine’s Day seemed like the absolute perfect day to launch a new brand of photography in our Studio especially designed for women…

There was a time when giving a photograph was a true gift.  There was meaning behind the gift and it was always signed from the one giving it.  It was a gift of endearment.  It was giving a part of yourself, to someone else, someone you loved.  Many times it was sent to those who were far away, and it was given to those we hold close in our hearts.  We wanted to be remembered and fondly thought of by the recipient.

Sadly, as with many things in our times, we have seen traditions and even sentiment fade with the years.  So many people don’t even print their photographs, and depend on technology to keep them preserved and archived.  Many of us haven’t written a personal message with paper and pen since the day the phone/computer keyboard emerged.  And our youngest generation is not even being taught the penmanship to write their name!

“With Love,” is our way of bringing back a beautiful sense of romanticism and feelings of nostalgia, expressing feelings and emotional significance through the art of photography.  “With Love” is a photo session with the intended purpose of being a gift:

It may be a gift from you to your husband, boyfriend, or fiancé.

It may be a gift from your husband, boyfriend, or fiancé to you.

It may be a gift from you to your children – existing in photographs for them.

And, it may even be a gift from you to yourself!

Whatever reason is the driving force behind the desire, have the courage to take the steps to make it happen. And, we promise, we will be there every step of the way.  We will coach you with wardrobe and what will have you

your absolute best.  Our Studio is a comfortable space, and we’ll do our very best to make you feel at ease and at home.

Give us a call soon and let us design a session just for you…With Love!

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