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We are so honored to take this opportunity to tell you a little about JV Photography and why we do what we do.  All you have to do is take a look at these sweet faces and you have your answer!  Capturing these precious expressions and moments in time makes everything we do so meaningful to us, and hopefully to our clients too.  Because time passes all too fast and these beauties will soon be grown, we want to preserve these memories and moments forever.

And as far as us personally, photography has always been an important part of our lives.  From those first cameras back in college days to the excitement of gaining a new piece of equipment today we have together discovered a growing desire for capturing special memories.  Even though we enjoy shooting a range of genres, we have found one of our greatest loves in the business is photographing children - children of ALL ages.  

You'll find our perspective to be classic and traditional, something that never goes out of style.  We believe in "timeless" photography, which you will be proud to hang on your walls and pass down for generations to come.  We believe the whole photography experience should be a pleasurable one, and we strive to achieve that in every session. Inspiration can come from many different areas, and our clients provide great inspiration through their personalities and life stories.  

 At JV Photography, we think everyone's story deserves to be documented through beautiful images.  As our purpose and vision has become more clear, our passion for what we do has filled to overflowing.  We are more committed than ever to perfecting the art of imagery.  We will continue and further our education and absorb all we can, then implement it to the best of our ability to make the images we produce unlike any other.  

How will you inspire us? And, how can we work with you to tell your story; the story of your children and family?